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1 cup maida

3/4 cup Rice Flour

3/4 cup curd

1 tbsp baking powder

Water 2 tbsp

A pinch of orange colour


2cups sugar

1 1/4 cup water

A slice of lemon

1/2 tsp cardamom powder

12 saffron strands


In a medium sized bowl, mix Maida (all purpose flour), rice flour, curd and a pinch of orange colour.

Mix rigourously by adding very little water for about 5 minutes to create a semi liquid smooth flowing dough. Now keep this mixture aside.

Make thick sugar syrup on a medium flame and in a broad pan by boiling normal sugar, water and lemon juice.

Continue to heat this mixture on a meduim gas flame, until it becomes a semi thick liquidy syrup.

Keep this aside.

Take a deep frying pan and add a good quantity of pure ghee to it.

Now pour the dough created earlier into a thick paper cone and hold it straight. Cut the bottom of the cone to create a small hole from where the smooth flowing dough can be artistically poured in smaller Jalebi circles into the pan of molten ghee.

Fry the jalebis on a medium to low gas flame and use a fork to turn them around into the pan, until they look glossy orangish gold.

Carefully pick up the jalebis, one by one, and dip them into the thick sugar syrup.

Soak every Jalebi for 60 to 75 seconds (maximum) to sweeten up and carefully and passionately, lift every jalebi from this syrup pan to be placed into a glass plate with a thick butter paper at the bottom to absorb some ghee.

Now allow the jalebis to settle and you may optionally sprinkle dryfuit powder over it.

Use Pistachios and Cashewnuts to create this dryfruit garnish. This is optional, since you may like the jalebis plain.

These jalebis go well with Rabri or Ras Malai.


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