Easy Malido

Dolly Contractor’s: MALIDO
for Mukhtads offerings

8 Wholemeal Tortilla Wraps/or whole meal chapatti’s
2 Cups Sugar
4 Eggs
1 Mug of Ghee
Cardamom crushed seeds
Rose water
Scraped Vanilla pod
Sliced Almonds


In a pan 2 cups of sugar with 1.5 cup of water, boil until sugar is dissolved and sticky. (More sweetness to your taste).
Keep to a side.
8 tortillas tear and grind dry in the mixer.
Whisk 4 eggs in the mixer and keep aside.


  1. In a big non stick wide Wok
  2. Add ghee, when warm add ground wheat tortillas and keep stirring until nicely fried and moist.
  3. Keep stirring while you add the sugar syrup.
  4. Turn the heat low and keep stirring until the ground Tortillas have absorbed all the liquid.
  5. Now turn the heat off and let it cool.
  6. Whisking eggs in a bowl;
    When luke warm, with a helping hand, one keeps stirring and the other person continues to drizzle eggs little at a time.
    Don’t let the eggs curdle it should be blended well. Do not stop stirring for even a second.

  7. Turn up the heat again.
  8. Add more ghee, and keep stirring, until the Malido separates and it is nice and fluffy.
  9. Add fried sliced almonds and sultanas.
    Rose water, vanilla pod essence, nutmeg, cardamom, saffron.
  10. Keep on stirring and at this stage you will see that the Malido will separate when you move your wooden spoon from one side to the other, and the ghee comes up.
  11. Remove from the heat and dish it out to cool or serve hot.


These are Original Recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India. You will find a unique blend of spices, that makes the food very appetizing, nutritious and wholesome. Vegetables, Meats and Dairy products are the foundation. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cardamon, Rosewater etc, flavor the food and remind us of the sweetness of life. Curry Powder, Ginger, Garlic, etc add the zest! Happy Cooking and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Rita has published several cookbooks on Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks by Mrs. Rita Jamshed Kapadia 1. Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century 2. Parsi Indian Kitchen 3. Vividh Vani (re-print in Gujarati) 4. Pickles, Chutney, Masala and Preserves 5. Meats, Seafoods, Desserts, Dhansak, Vegetarian Delights 6. Treasured Grandmother's Recipes: Zoroastrian Parsi Celebrations and Ceremonies

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