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The Sir Ratan Tata Institute is happy to collaborate with the Seva Kitchen initiative to provide free meals to OPD patients & admitted patient’s relatives at the B. D. Petit Parsee General Hospital.
While patients are being looked after and treated at the hospital, the relatives or care givers often neglect their own well-being as they physically and emotionally deal with stress of an ailing family member.
The Seva Kitchen has offered a commendable solution to connect donors with the people who need a free meal. Patient’s relatives or OPD patients themselves can register at the hospital reception and collect a Seva Kitchen free meal coupon, which they then redeem at the PGH Cafeteria managed by RTI. The complete process is based on a seamless technology to track the coupons availed of and the payment is made directly by the donor to RTI for the

 meals served. We hope to serve more and more meals and know that the community will continue to donate generously for those who need it most.
Donors can donate meals in multiples of 100 and you have the option to donate as many meals as you wish. The best part – when your first meal and last meal is served, you will  receive a login ID and password so you can track every donated meals.The donor community is connected on a WhatsApp group. If you wish to be part of the donor community call Khushroo Poacha on 9561011264 or log on to

I would like to donate – is there a minimum amount?

Yes, the minimum amount is the cost of 100 meals. Donations can be committed in multiples of 100 meals. Donations can be made in Indian Rupees only, at the moment

How do I go about it?

  • Once you have taken a decision to donate, you may send a Whatsapp to Khushroo Poacha on 9561011264 along with the no. of meals you intend to donate.
  • You will be added to a Whatsapp Group at the bottom of the list of donors in that Group.
  • As the earlier donors complete their commitments, your name will come to the top of the list. This is when your Seva starts.
  • When your first meal is served, you will receive a login ID and password, so that you can track every donated meal, including the name and mobile number of the donee.
  • As soon as your commitment is reached, you will receive a message in the group to make payment directly to the contractor concerned (in this case RTI) via UPI / PayTM / GPay.
  • On making payment, you may ask the contractor to give you a receipt for the amount paid, if you so desire.


Is there any administrative cost / overhead which the organisers / intermediaries deduct?

  1. There is no administrative cost / overhead deducted. The entire amount that you commit, goes directly the benefit of the beneficiary.

Is this a genuine scheme?

YES – this is operating in more than 10 hospitals in the country, including Tata Memorial Hospital and Parsee General Hospital.


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