Fried Puri, Roti, Rotli

Puri is an indian fried flour bread. Eaten by itself it is delicious and satisfying. Any vegetable or meat dish goes well with these puris.

If you do NOT fry the puri and just roast it on a non-stick pan or the Indian tava (Non-Stick Chapati Tawa/Roti Tawa/Paratha Tawa, Aluminium 2.6 MM with Free Wooden Spatula & Scrubber) it becomes the Indian chapatti ! Also called Roti and Rotli in Gujarati and Hindi.


Makes approx 25
Use 8 oz measure cup

1 cup flour
1 cup wheat flour
pinch salt
2 tbsp oil oil for deep frying

Mix the above ingredients and add 1 tbsp of water at a time to make a soft dough. Allow dough to rest for approx 1/2 hour. Make a ball and roll onto a floured board. Rub oil with fingers onto the flat dough and roll up like a pancake.

If crisp puris are needed, don’t put oil. Cut the roll into small pieces and make into balls. Do a few at a time otherwise the dough will dry up. Flatten them and with a rolling pin make rounds.

Fry in hot deep oil and while frying keep pouring hot oil onto the puri with a spoon. Take oil and drain in colander.
Serve immediately.

Rotli / Roti / Wheat Rotli
Rotli / Roti / Wheat Rotli

Lets party! Your co-hosts this week are Ai @ Ai Made It For You and me aka Angie @ Fiesta Friday.

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  1. Rita, these look delicious! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Rita says:

    Thanks Ai

  3. I’ve made poori a couple of times. They were really fun to make, I love it when they puffed up during frying.

  4. Rita says:

    I like the taste of the puffed up puri and they are fun to see puffing up and softer after they cool.

    Also to make some crispy, prick before frying to make them crisper.

  5. That’s a great tip, thanks! Btw, Rita, I sent you a message via your contact form. I hope you got it?

  6. Rita says:

    Yes I did. Unfortunately I will not be able to co-host.

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