Rumble Tumble Eggs ( Scrambled Eggs )

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Rumble Tumble Eggs.
( Scrambled Eggs)

Walked across to my neighbor Dhanjishaw Dadabhoy, of Byramji town the other morning.
He was sitting on his lawn sipping tea from a Wedgewood cup. His dressing gown had ‘LV’ embroidered on the lapel.

‘Good morning Dikra” he said, “So nice to see you, you will join me for breakfast of course”.

He rang the little bell on the tray and Kanta Bai his cook appeared. Dhanjishaw gave the voluptuous cook an admiring look and smiled like a smitten schoolboy.
” Hum log aaj Scrambled Eggs lega breakfast mai Kanta bai,” he said, Kanta smiled coyly and went off.

“A scrambled egg is the true way to eat an egg, Dikra,” said Dhunjishaw, as he poured me a cuppa using a silver teapot from ‘Tiffany’ and a tea strainer from ‘Wallace of London’. “Omletes and Fried eggs are common and Vulgar, nothing beats the creamy and rich texture of a good Scrambled. In the old days, we used to call it a ‘Rumble Tumble Egg’, So much a better name!”

I sipped my tea, It tasted like plain hot water, “Delicious Tea” I lied, “Thank you Dikra, It’s from a special garden estate in Ooty, and sold to only a select few” said Dhunjishaw, “Apro Homi Sethna of Conoor is kind enough to procure some for me each year”.

“Now about the Scrambled eggs” he continued, “It is thought to have originated from the ancient Roman times!, However, the first recorded mention of it is in a 14th-century Italian book titled ‘Libro Della Cucina’, that mentioned scrambled eggs”.

“Interesting” I replied.

We went into the dining room. Royal Doulton plates, on Irish lace, adorned the dining table.

“I have taught my Kanta to make them in the American fashion,” said Dhanjishaw, as we sat down, “The eggs are cooked over low heat and scooped in gently towards the middle of the pan as they set, giving larger ‘curd’. In the English style, however, the scrambled eggs are stirred very thoroughly during cooking to give a soft, finer texture! And either way Dikra, Always remember to take the pan off, while the eggs are a bit runny! You don’t want to end up eating bloody Bhurji” he said with a shudder.

Kanta bai served us the fluffy, creamy-looking ggs with ‘Pao’ bread flown in specially from Yezdani bakery in Fort Mumbai, lightly buttered with ‘Dinshaw’s’ butter, and ‘Pisto’ sausages from Italy. The marmalade was from ‘Fortnum and Mason’ of Piccadilly, London.

“Superb, Delicious !” I said, and this time I meant it!

“When I am in the south of France every year,” said Dhunjishaw, The chefs at the Hotel Martinez in Cannes, can make over 100 varieties of ‘Oeufs Brouilles’, that’s scrambled eggs in French! It’s tough for me to choose every morning.”

“The eggs and breakfast are amazing, Dhunjishaw,” I said, ” Wish ‘The wife’ had come along with me, would have loved it too.

Dhunjishaw’s warm demeanor suddenly became frosty, “Dont know about that, Dikra” he said, “Lovely girl, and all that,… but the last time she was over for breakfast, She shocked me to the core and left me extremely shaken!”

“Good God, What happened?” I asked

Dhunjishaw closed his eyes and trembled as he recounted the horror. “She had her scrambled eggs with ketchup!.” He said.

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