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An ancient delicacy. Sandhra are fluffy white pancake like delicacy. They are made from rice flour that is kept to rise. You got to make them to know the taste of bygone days!

Eighteen century Vividh Vani cookbook has the recipe in Gujarati.

Here is the much sought after recipe.

Makes 25


3/4 kg. Rice Flour

4 cups milk

900 gm. Ghee

2 cups fermented toddy

(or fermented coconut milk recipe –  suggested.)

900 gm. Powdered sugar

100 gm ghee to grease plates

5 Almonds blanched and slivered


  1. Mix one cup flour into the milk and stir in the ghee.

  2. Place on fire and keep stiring till it boils.

  3. Remove immediately and cool.

  4. Pour this in to the rest of the flour. Add toddy and mix thoroughly.

  5. It should be consistency of cream.

  6. Keep overnight to rise at room temperature.

  7. When dough is well risen, mix in the sugar

  8. Grease 5 metal plates with ghee and pour mixture in carefully.

  9. To steam the Sandhra in the traditional manner, place a large metal stand or ring in a very large vessel.

  10. On this stand, stack the 5 plates, with 2 crossed sticks between each plate.

  11. Place vessal on fire with hot water reaching just below the stand.

  12. Cover vessel and steam till Sandhra are set.

  13. Remove from plates and cool.

  14. Repeat till all are done.

  15. When cool wrap in a napkin cloth or foil so they do not dry.

  16. If desired, Sprinkle almonds on top when serving.

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Aditya iyer

Jan 1, 2020, 6:00 am

What is the purpose of the Onion ?

Parsi Cuisine

Jan 1, 2020, 9:31 am

Onion purpose to increase the fermentation process.


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Feb 2, 2021, 8:21 am

In Sandra recepie toddy is to be used. If toddy is not available can you suggest the ingredient that can be used as a substitute? Thank you.
How can I buy your book Rita through a courier in Thane, India?

Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Feb 2, 2021, 11:59 am

Hi Katy,

If toddy is not available, yo can use the Tari recipe on this site –

Also you can use “Khamir” that will be available in bakeries in Mumbai.

Unfortunately because of Covid, you canot get reliable courier service in Thane. Sorry – cannot mail the cookbook and it also gets too expensive.

I am in Boston, USA and cookbooks are printed here. If you have a friend or relative I will be glad to mail it to them in USA.
Best wishes,

Ask Rita