Shami Kababs

Shami Kababs

Shami Kababs:


2 pounds lamb mince
2 pounds chicken mince

1/4 cup khus khus,
8 cloves
1 large stick of cinnamon crushed
5-6 green elaichi pods seeded
2 tablespoons of whole black pepper
4-5 whole red chilies
7-8 cloves of garlic
1 two inch piece of ginger
1/4 cup of chick peas (daria)
3 green chilies
1 onion cut in 4 pieces
2 egg whites (vegetarians can omit egg whites and add 2 tsp of besan flour to mix)
3 tablespoons of yoghurt
2-3 tablespoons of oil
Salt as needed

For the filling: Mix in a bowl 1 very finely chopped onion, 1/2 bunch chopped kothmir and few sprigs of finely chopped mint leaves

  1. Method: 

    In a large non-stick pan heat 1 tblsp of oil and add the lamb and chicken mince and all the above ingredients.

  2. Let cook until all the liquid evaporates. Let the dish cool.

  3. Blend the cooked mixture in a Cuisinart blender with the yoghurt until a thick smooth mixture.

  4. Taste for spiciness and salt.

  5. Empty contents in a large glass bowl.

  6. Make round balls, flatten in your palm and spoon in a tiny bit of the onion, kothmir and mint mixture and make a round again and flatten into a pattie as in the picture above.

  7. Heat a non stick pan and put a few drops of oil until hot and drop each Pattie dipped in egg white (on medium heat) until both sides brown.

  8. Garnish with lemon juice and onion rounds and serve.

From the Cookbook Author

Hope you enjoyed this, please feel free to share. Rita Jamshed Kapadia has authored "Parsi Cuisine The Manna of the 21st Century" and individual "Parsi Cuisine" series cookbooks with matched digital e-cookbooks.  Rita teaches and demos Indian Parsi Cuisine at Libraries, Museums in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Rita's books are listed here on the website for ordering a signed copy directly within USA OR purchase from Amazon. Please go to the tab for "Cookbooks".    


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