To your good health as always

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Darius Umrigar‎ 

For Tennis elbow, knee pain, bone injury, twisted ankles, wrist issues, muscle inflammations or inflammation due to injury

Kindly do as follows:

Purchase these ingredients:

100 gms pure organic Turmeric powder.

50 gms allum,( phitkari or fatakri)

25gms sea salt thats used in cooking and not the iodised salt please.

Take 100 gms of turmeric powder boil it with 1500 ml water to make a paste of it. Now add 50 gms of allum powder (phatakri) with another 1000 ml of water to the existing paste again boil it and make the whole mixture into a paste. Now again add 500 ml of water with 25 gms sea salt again boil it to make it form a paste.
Now allow it cool and collect it in a glass container and keep it in a fridge.

*The way to use it*

Everyday morning after bath and night before sleeping apply tolerably hot 2 tablespoons of castor oil on the painful area.

Before that take 1 tablespoon of the above made paste in a small metal vessel add half a cup of water and heat it then apply it warm on the painful area, on which you have already applied the castor oil. Now stick a thin layer of cotton on the paste to keep it safe and bandage it with gauze. The bandage should just be able to hold the paste and remain in place, instead of being very tight.

To get better results we have added warm castor oil 2 tablespoon to the warmed up paste.

In case of if you require to do knee replacement surgery cancel it and do the above procedure. Within a month the pain will go the joint will become free yet continue for another 6 months your knee joint will be OK forever.

Purchase chuna (lime) from paanwalla shop. Add this chuna equal to a grain of wheat, in a glass of water or buttermilk and drink it. Do it once a day Only

Compulsory to follow these water rules

# Drink 100ml water every 20 minutes.

# Stop drinking water one hour before and after food.

# No drinking water with food

# Never drink water immediately after urination wait for 15 minutes and then drink water. It keep your Urinary tract system muscles strong.

# Never eat food immediately after going to the loo. Wait for 15 minutes after vacating and then eat. This will help in keep your digestive system muscles strong.

To your good health as always

Dr Darius H Umrigar

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