Vegetarian Cookbook

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This cookbook is written with Vegetarians in mind.

There is an old Indian wife’s tale – “Vegetables and Rice are brain nurturing foods and the intelligence of a child grows when these are consumed”. I hope this book inspires you to cook healthy wholesome vegetarian dishes. Spices and herbs like mint, garlic, ginger and turmeric promote good health. Many dishes in here use these ingredients.
I hope this book inspires you to cook healthy wholesome food for your family and friends.

My sister-in-law is a vegetarian and I know she likes to eat eggs, fish and desserts. This cookbook is dedicated to Behroze Rustomji Kapadia.

In this Vegetarian volume, you will find in here many traditional Parsi food recipes with eggs, fish and rice. Spicy, Sweet and Savory recipes of Vegetarian Pilau, Vegetarian Curry, Vegetarian Biryani, Khichri and the famous Parsi Vegetable Lagan nu Stew.

Good Food leads to Good Health, which leads to a Good Life.

Best wishes for your good health and good food.
Jamva Chaloji !

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