Happy Republic Day to all in India

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Ice cream Shop – an Old favourite and still awesome.

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K. Rustom Ice Cream Menu for your ready reference.

Marzipan Boi (Fish shaped Dessert)

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This fish shaped dessert is very popular among the Indian Parsi community. It is molded in the shape of a fish because the fish is a symbol for fertility and good luck. It can be sliced and eaten as dessert. Storage Instructions: Can be kept outside for 2 or 3 days, refrigerated for a couple […]

Reviving the Parsi platter

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The dream of being in that kitchen finally came true !!The Masterchef Kitchen !!!Standing in front of these judges and making them taste my food was the best experience ever ♥️I got the extraordinary opportunity to promote my ideas about how I want to preserve my culture.Top 40 in India !!Stay tuned for this !Coming soon […]

Reviews of Indian Restaurants in Massachusetts. Boston and surrounding towns.

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BOSTON–Here is a list of Indian restaurants in Massachusetts. We are taking in reviews. See them below along with the restaurant menus: (Do check again for new reviews and list updates) If you have a experience – Please send us the review with following: Name of the restaurant, address, phone number and website address. ACTON […]

Mr Boman Rashid Kohinoor passed away.

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The Britannia Parsi restaurant in Mumbai

Yazdani Bakery

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There are many Irani Bakeries in Mumbai, India. You must have heard of the Kayani Bakery, but have you heard of the Yazdani Bakery? Yazdani Bakery is an Irani cafe or Persian style bakery in Mumbai, India. The bakery was opened in 1953 by Meherwan Zend, an Irani baker. All products in the bakery are handmade, and baked in diesel ovens. The bakery draws […]

Millenials in Franchising: The Burger Boss

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FRANCHISING PROVIDES AN ALTERNATIVE PATH FOR ARMAAN DIVECHA, FRESH BURGER’S ONLY MILLENNIAL FRANCHISEE Before becoming the youngest Fresh Burger franchisee in the company’s history, Armaan Divecha was an unmotivated student, dragging his feet to his university classes. “I took some courses and considered a few majors, but school wasn’t really motivating me,” Divecha says. “I was feeling […]

Parsi Industrial co-op society in Ahmedabad

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In the only place in Ahmedabad where you can get Parsi cuisine outside the home, the last Parsi cook looks back at better days. The kitchen of the Zoroastrian Ladies Cooperative Society (ZLCS), in a busy lane in Khanpur in the walled city of Ahmedabad, is brimming with activity. In a corner of the impeccably […]

Kayani Bakery urges customers not to buy its products online from FAKE sites.

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FAKE SITE – KAYANI bakery, PUNE has published in the newspapers that they do not sell their products online nor do they have any branches & that someone is either selling fake products or are selling unethically that is without their permission. They’ve also requested public not to buy online

A night at Taj Hotel

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Bahman Mahino Meal

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 Bahman mahino is the month (June) when some religious parsis do not eat meat. Fish is allowed for a wholesome diet with vegetables. Recipes: Dry Bhindi (Okra) ~ Vaghareli Khichri ~

Parsi Cuisine in Artesia at Woodlands

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Woodlands staff, including Jay (manager), Ram (chef) and Annu (owner) courtesy: Woodlands Restaurant in LA

Irani Rice Tahdig

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HOW TO PERFECT THE IMPERFECT ART OF IRANIAN RICE TAHDIG by Naz When I first moved out of my childhood home, only a week went by before I found myself craving my mother’s cooking. Specifically, I missed Persian rice with tahdig—the prized golden, crispy crust at the bottom of the rice pot. Rice is the crown jewel […]

Here comes the gourmet granny

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‘Granny Sathe Jamwanu’ is a Parsi feast not to be missed. Recipes are linked complements of this ParsiCuisine.com site. Of the five ladies, 93-year-old Perin B Dittia is the eldest. She is dressed in a blue sari, her pearl necklace has blue stones to match her sari and a white-dotted blue hair-band keeps her silky […]