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Very interesting cooking utensils, pressure cooker and pickle jars.

Houston Atash Kadeh

Photo: Ancient Parsi Food cooking utensils, pressure cooker and pickle jars.

FIRE feeds the body and soul. The flames of the ancient FIRE were alive at the Houston Atash Kadeh on Avan Mahino and Adar Roj. May the Zoroastrian community find new roots and life in Texas, USA.

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The opening of of an Atash Kadeh on March 21, 2019 is a once in a lifetime event for a community.

The Zoroastrians of Houston are joined by Zoroastrians all over the world in celebrating this momentous occasion.

It is so good to see the old pickle jars in brown and white. These pottery jars were high glazed and lasted for years.

Pickles of Wedding feasts like Lagan nu Achaar (get my recipe)

Eggplant (get recipe of Niloufer King), Methiu, Mango, Lemon and so many other preserves were made and kept for storage.

Papri and Daran for the Malido. Click for Recipe and Rita Kapadia has donated the MEGA Cookbook “Manna of the 21st Century” to the Houston Library.

Check out my cookbook for more recipes.

MARCH 20 – 24, 2019

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The Zoroastrian Association of Houston proudly announces the grand opening of its new Atash Kadeh.  The establishment of a new Atash Kadeh in North America, a dream for many years, has been brought to fruition by the generous donation of Feroze and Shernaz Bhandara of Houston.

Atash Kadeh, the first of its kind, is a standalone structure costing over one and a half million dollars, that will be inclusive and open to all Zoroastrians, their family members, and friends.  It will meet the needs of a dedicated place of worship, and also provide a place to train Mobeds in the future.

Parsi Cuisine

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