8-10 small katta walla ravaiya’s,

1 cup coconut milk, extracted from 1/2 coconut.

50 gms tamamrind soaked in warm waterand pulp strained off.

Oil for shallow frying.

Grind together:

1 grated coconut, 3 onions,2 inch piece ginger, 6-8 cloves garlic, 6-8 dried red chillies, 1tsp tumeric,1 tbsp dhansak masala powder.

Wash the raviaya’s and make 4 slits, while keeping the stem point intact, fill the raviaya’s with the ground mixture of spices and salt.

Heat oil in a langree(broad based pan) add ravaiya’s and the left over ground mixture, lower heat, and add the cocunut milk and tamrind mixture till ravaiya’s are cooked. to keep the stuffing in place please tie the ravaiya’s with a thin string.

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