Sandal Sandwiches

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Try these hot sandal sandwiches for the HOT summer days!

Recipe of the Sandal Sandwich


3 hard boiled Eggs (peeled and chopped into pieces)

4 Slices of white sandwich bread

5 tsp Mayonnaise

Salt and Black pepper to taste

Cucumber Pickle Chopped fine, see recipe HERE.

Pickerfresh Kosher Dill Wholes – Large Whole Pickles. (purchase from HERE – helps us maintain this website)


Cut the crusts off from the bread slices. Save the crusts for decorating the sandwich later as shown in the picture.

Mix all the rest of the ingredients and make a egg salad mix.

Spoon on top of the 2 oblong pieces and then press the other oblong slice on top to make a complete sandwich.

Decorate as shown for HIS and HERS Sandals

Happy Summer!

Rita Jamshed Kapadia

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