by Rita Jamshed Kapadia
It is to be made exactly as follows:
  • 1 1/2 kg ghee
  • 1/2 kg char jaatna magaz
  • 50 g baval nu goonder (resin of the baval tree)
  • 2 1/4 kg sugar
  • 500 g ghau nu doodh
  • 500 g cummar kakri
  • 400 g dates
  • 100 g akhrot (walnut)

soak overnight in hot water, peel and chop and fry :

  • 1/2 kg almonds
  • 1/2 kg pistachio nuts, shelled
  • 250 g charoli

powder individually:

  • 250 g dil (suva)
  • 1/2 kg dried water chestnuts
  • 450 g lotus roots
  • 25 g dholi musli
  • 10 g punjabi salan
  • 25 g white pepper
  • 100 g gokhru
  • 25 g kali musli
  • 50 g pipri mool
  • 50 g saalam panjo
  • 50 g kajar kas
  • 50 g karlu batrisu
  • 50 g jabar jas

coarsely crush:

  • 30 g white cardamoms
  • 3 nutmegs
  • 25 g vai varin
  • 350 g dry ginger
  • 250 g udad daal
  • 25 g chana dal
  • 150 g khus khus
  • 250 g singora
  • 100 g variali (saunf)
  • 200 g dry coconut
  1. Fry individually all peeled and chopped nuts, mags.
  2. Make a sugar syrup of one-thread consistency , using enough water just to cover sugar. Add fried ingredients, keeping a few nuts aside.
  3. In another pan, cook dil with ghau nu doodh till thick. Add about two cups water, if needed. Pour dil mixture into sugar syrup.
  4. Heat a little ghee in a shallow frying pan and fry all powdered ingredients, individually, a little at a time, adding them to the mixture with ghee, as they are fried. Mix well, place on low heat and cook, stirring continuously, to prevent burning.
  5. When thick, add crushed spices, mix well and remove from fire.
  6. Pour into a tray, pyrex dish or glass jar and store in a cool place.
Vasanu is a very well-known health food in India. It is said to:
  • Extend your life years (Has Aryuvedic ingredients)
  • Increase your immunity (with Ginger, white pepper and lotus flower)
  • Strengthen your bones and muscles (protein and calcium rich)
  • A winter Cold and Flu remedy (have it before breakfast for best results with a strong cup of tea)


These are Original Recipes of the Parsi way of cooking in India. You will find a unique blend of spices, that makes the food very appetizing, nutritious and wholesome. Vegetables, Meats and Dairy products are the foundation. Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, Cardamon, Rosewater etc, flavor the food and remind us of the sweetness of life. Curry Powder, Ginger, Garlic, etc add the zest! Happy Cooking and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Rita has published several cookbooks on Amazon.com Parsi Cuisine Cookbooks by Mrs. Rita Jamshed Kapadia 1. Parsi Cuisine Manna of the 21st Century 2. Parsi Indian Kitchen 3. Vividh Vani (re-print in Gujarati) 4. Pickles, Chutney, Masala and Preserves 5. Meats, Seafoods, Desserts, Dhansak, Vegetarian Delights 6. Treasured Grandmother's Recipes: Zoroastrian Parsi Celebrations and Ceremonies

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