Bhonu Prakash: Zoroastrians & Food in Historical Perspective – Daniel Sheffield, Princeton University

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Bhonu Prakash: Zoroastrians & Food in Historical Perspective – Daniel Sheffield.

Dan Sheffield is a professor at Princeton University, New Jersey, US

Dan’s website:

Video Contents:

  • The Banquets of Persepolis and Ctesiphon

  • Food is integrally tied to our identity. As we say You are what you eat.

  • Eating practices of Zoroastrians in Persepolis flavored with Saffron, Cardamom, Cumin and Jafran.

  • Indian Sweets (Meva and Mithai) in Parsi Gujarati.

  • Gujarati Foods of Khaja, Ladu, Jalebi, Ghevar, Ghari, Puri, Dudh Pak, Lapsi, Dry fruits and Fruits

  • Sakar-panir (Parsi Mava ni Boi)and 2 lumps of sugar is a fish given to a girl who is going to be

    engaged. (Maneckji Limji Hataria on the customs of Iranian Zoroastrians)

  • Mediaval Gujarati Varanaka Literature and adaptations of the Shahnama

  • Sir-O-Sedab

  • Persia Rivayats and Ritual Concentration of Meat

  • Gahambar

  • Indian Zoroastrians query of eating “Rhino” Meat

  • Regulations of preparing Meat just like Jews and Muslims

  • Not eating meat on Bahman Roj, Mohor Roj, Gosh Roj and Ram Roj

  • Prayers to be said before slaughter of animal

  • Toddy, Bhakra

  • Cookbook with recipe of Pineapple Pulao from the persian language Muglai cookbook “The Essence of Edibles and Potables” “Khushalat al-Mukalat va’l Mashrubat” written for a certain Khurshedji Sahib in 1838

  • Tomatoes, Potatoes, Chilli pepper, Papaya, Cashews, were used only recently as nineteenth century

  • The First Parsi Cookbook VivivdhVani by Meherbai Jamshedji Wadia  published in Bombay, 1903. (re-printed here)

  • Zenobia Zorabian’s Lagan nu custard,  Akuri, Sali Boti, Auntie Freny’s Dhanshakh, Souffle which are critical elements of Parsi Cuisine.

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