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Easy Parsi Vasanu

If you have made the parsi vasanu ever, you know it requires a huge amount of stirring for hours. Of course if you have a spouse or a muscular kid in the house, you can enlist their services!

Take a break and look into purchasing the Gourmia GST210B Stiriffic Adjustable Pot & Pan Hands Free Automatic Stirrer.

Making Vasanu that needs stirring is so much easier with an automatic stirrer.

Gourmia GST210 Stiriffic Adjustable Pot & Pan Hands Free Automatic Stirrer

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  • Automatically handles the stirring so you’re free to concentrate on the cooking.
  • Handles anything from delicate risottos to thick heart gravies, stews, sauces and even hot cereals.
  • Powerful and Rechargeable motor engineered for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Easy clean nylon composite paddles eliminate edge residue from pots.

Parsi Cuisine

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