By Rita Jamshed Kapadia

Traditionally, the bride brings to her new home a Ses gifted to her by her parents. She is bringing all these as part of her to the new household with sweetness, strength, love and to shed the light of knowledge.

When any good occasion or event comes up, I always bring out the “Ses” and polish it.  The Ses is then filled with Flowers, Sweets, Candle or a Oil Lamp (Divo), Eggs, Sopari nuts, Pan Leaf, Rice, Rose water, Fruits like CoconutDates (kharek),  Herbs (dry turmeric) and a good luck fertility symbolic fish (Silver or Gold Fish jewelry, Mava ni boi, sweet desserts made from marzipan  and Yogurt (Mitthu Dahi) .

The Parsi Ses is filled with symbolic food items which signify certain values:

  • Sweets (Sugar cubes, Desserts, Chocolates, etc)

  • Value: Sweet Nature and outlook

  • Candle or a Oil Lamp (Divo)

  • Value: Light of knowledge and wisdom

  • Eggs (Do not boil, eggs should be raw)

  • Value: Fertility

  • Sopari nuts 

  • Value: Reliable

  • Pan Leaf (Fresh leaf, if pan leaf is not found then use other fresh leaves)  

  • Value: Fresh and Pure

  • Rice (Dry white rice)

  • Value: Fertility

  • Rose water in the “Pigani”

  • Value: Sweet words

  • Fruits (CoconutDates (kharek)

  • Value: Fertility

  • Spices and Herbs (dry turmeric)

  • Value: Strength of character

  • Fish (Silver or Gold Fish jewelry or a traditional Mava ni boi sweet dessert ***

  • Value: Good Luck

  • Yogurt (Mitthu Dahi)  

  • Value: Good Luck

  • Red Kanku

  • Value: Good Blessings

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