Wedding Pickle, Lagan nu Achar made in the USA

Lagan nu Achaar is a Pickle made from fresh carrots, ginger, garlic, raisins, apricots, figs, spices, sugar, jaggery and balsamic vinegar. Sweet and Savory this pickle is a great condiment on the table. I just made a batch. It takes 3 days of preparation and 2 days to make! Not easy but very tasty to relish […]

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Dar ni Pori

  Dal ni Pori (Sweet Pastry) Original recipe from my Mother Parin Homi Munshi and dedicated to her. Also known as Dar ni Pori, Daar ni Poli in gujarati. Dal ni Pori is a pastry to be served at tea-time. A Zoroastrian custom at weddings: 5-7 Dal ni Poris are sent by the Bride’s family […]

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